Trim Tech Inc.’s doors are crafted by our master carpenters and welders at Trim Tech Inc.’s headquarters in San Jose. Each door is carefully inspected to make sure it meets customer specifications.  We are certified to provide in-house fire labeling as well as positive-pressure labeling for your doors. Please contact us at Trim Tech Inc. for more information.

Wood Doors

  • 5- or 7- ply doors
  • Unfinished or factory pre-finished
  • Standard and exotic wood veneers
  • Plastic laminate
  • Stile & rail doors
  • LEED-certified
  • Fire-rated 20 minute to 90 minute
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Hollow Metal Doors

  • 18- to 14- gauge doors
  • Core: Honeycomb, Steel-Stiffened, Polystyrene, Temperature Rise
  • Cold-rolled A60, G90 galvanized stainless steel
  • Fire ratings from 30 minutes to 3-hour rated
  • Prime coat
  • Sound Doors
  • Bullet-resistant
  • Lead-lined
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Specialty Doors

  • Sound Doors
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP)
  • Double Action Impact Traffic Doors
  • Radio Frequency (SCIP)
  • Impact Resistant Doors
  • Integrated Fire Doors
krieger_225x100   overly_225x100 Eliason_logos   speciallite_225x100 Acrovyn_225x100   SMP_225x100 total_door

Aluminum Sliding Doors

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • ADA Title 24 Compliant
  • LEED Certified – MR4


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